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About Carbon Neutral Technology Corp.

Carbon Neutral Technology Corp. offers global clients innovative IT programs that enable them to receive verified carbon credits, eliminate their e-waste impact, reduce the cost of technology acquisition and end-of-first-life technology management.

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Introducing the CO2Neutral™ Program

Full lifecycle solution for IT management with integrated sustainability. Reduce cost and carbon emissions by leveraging our low-carbon IT acquisition and end-of-first-life management strategy.

Sustainability is the new standard. Today’s workforces and consumers are demanding that businesses take action towards carbon reductions across their operations.

Our Services


Access additional discounts and carbon credits for new technology purchases by receiving tomorrow’s trade-in value today.

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Leverage an Industry leading leasing solution and earn one carbon credit for each asset leased while embedding circular economy values into your IT operations.

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CO2Neutral IT
Asset Disposition Program

Receive $$$ and additional carbon credits back for the resale of your end-of-first-life corporate IT assets. CO2Neutral employs rigorous standards when it comes to data security and secure management of end-of-first-life devices.

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What Are Carbon Credits?

A carbon credit represents a measurement of reduced carbon emissions achieved by one party, which can be used to compensate (offset) the emissions of another party.

By reselling refurbished technology that would otherwise be recycled or sent to a landfill, the need for manufacturing new technology (a process that creates carbon emissions) is eliminated, therefore generating a carbon credit.

Companies such as HSBC, Nike, and the Bank of Montreal are already leveraging carbon credits to reduce their carbon footprint. But unlike costly approaches to carbon offsetting, which involve buying carbon offsets from third parties, the CO2Neutral™ program enables you to receive carbon credits by leveraging a circular economy model that reduces the environmental impact of technology management.

Carbon Credits by Carbon Neutral Technology Corp.

Serialized and registered with an internationally-recognized governing body

  • Our carbon credits are verified emission reductions/removals (VERRs) registered under ISO 14064 – Part 2 guidelines and principles on the CSA’s CleanProjects Registry.®

Offset emissions produced by any corporate activity

  • Our carbon credits are suitable for retirement worldwide
  • Carbon credits can be applied to any scope of emissions generating activity – direct or indirect

Retire now or later

  • Once transferred, you have the option to retire the carbon credits immediately and reduce this year’s carbon footprint, or hold onto the credits and retire them at a future period of your choosing.
  • Carbon credits will only count towards carbon reductions once they have been retired.

CO2Neutral Partners

Our industry-leading technology partners include:

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