CO2Neutral is proud to be supporting the CIO Association of Canada (CIOCAN) in their sustainability efforts.

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Sustainability is Becoming More Important for Businesses Across all Industries.

CO2Neutral is partnering with CIOCAN to help CIOCAN members reduce their carbon footprint and be recognized for their efforts. With the CO2Neutral program, members can trade in their End-of-First-Life (EOFL) and receive cash back and carbon credits to support their environmental goals.


For leaders in technology, including business transformation, innovation and security, who want to raise the profile and voice of their profession.

CIOCAN is the only national professional association that unifies all information technology leaders to communicate their unique perspective and knowledge of the substantial issues impacting their profession, the national economy and society at large.

It sets the standard for IT professionalism today and tomorrow.

How It Works


First, we will identify your End-of-First-Life technology and provide and appraisal detailing what your assets are worth, and how many carbon credits they can generate.


Once you accept the offer, we securely pick-up and transport your IT assets to our ISO-Certified processing facility where the technology are audited, tested, de-branded and wiped clean.


We will resell the sanitized assets through our sales channel to generate case. The generated cash and carbon credits will then be transferred to you.

This process will generate certified carbon credits as our buyers are choosing reused instead of new, reducing the amount of carbon that would have been emitted through the manufacturing process of new technology.

Program Benefits for CIOs

CIOs will now have access to an environmentally friendly solution to process their IT assets, a solution which provides cash and carbon credits.  CO2Neutral can offer services to securely pick up and transport IT assets to our ISO-Certified processing facility where devices are audited, tested, de-branded and the data is removed through a NIST 800-88 wiping or physical destruction process. Once processed, the devices are evaluated to determine how much cash back and carbon credits the organization will receive.

CIOs can feel confident that their sensitive data has been appropriately removed. All data bearing assets destined for resale are securely wiped clean in accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-88. CO2Neutral will provide certificates by serial number for each device wiped.

Environmental Impact

Verified Carbon Credits

The progam’s carbon credits are registered and serialized as Verified Emission Reduction/Remoals (VERRs) with the CleanProjects Registry, operated by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Certificates for carbon credits are issued and all offsets are generated in accordance with ISO 14064-2 and independently verified in accordance with ISO 14064-3 standards.

Leveraging Re-Use to Promote a Circular Economy

Reselling further reduces carbon emissions as refurbishing technology for re-use has a smaller environmental footprint compared to recycling. When re-use is an option, the cost of disposition can be typically offset by the proceeds from resale. Assets that cannot be resold are safely and securely recycled so that no materials ever reach a landfill site.

Get Cash & Carbon Credits with CO2Neutral

The CO2Neutral program is the world’s leading asset disposition program that allows organizations to receive top-dollar value and carbon credits in exchange for their End-of-First-Life technology.